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Success Stories

Nikolas & Sebastien Toulouse, T&T Spray Foam

T&T Spray Foam is a small partnership company between two young and ambitious brothers, Nikolas and Sebastien Toulouse located in Sturgeon Falls, ON. Prior to opening their business, the Toulouse brothers worked with their family’s construction company giving them a combination of 15 years’ experience.  “Since we have many contacts in the construction area, this has been a huge benefit for us”. The brothers work with spray polyurethane foam (SPF) which is a chemical reaction that expands and creates environmentally friendly foam insulation that air seals and provides a moisture barrier. SPF insulation is known to resist heat transfer through cracks, seams, and joints, increases building strength, and creates a superior sound barrier.  They do both open cell foam and closed cell foam jobs, and the foam itself is non-flammable, as well as, mold and moisture resistant.


“In early 2016 we decided to start a spray foam business, we had a business plan but we needed a bit of help to get it up and running. Economic Partners has given us the opportunity to put this plan in motion through the development of our business plan and financial assistance. Our first purchase was a spray foam trailer, and a year later we purchased our second trailer and bought a blown insulation machine”.  Also known as a Blow-in Blanket system, a high performance insulation system that forms a seamless blanket of insulation that completely fills around pipes, wires, and joists, which has allowed the brothers to focus on attics and cathedral ceilings as well.

T&T Spray foam has had great success and has been very appreciative for all the help, financial assistance and information they’ve received from our EPSEWN office.  They have spray foamed houses in different areas including basement walls , floors, and ceilings; garages, different types of building floors , Quonset buildings, saunas; even traveled their equipment by the use of a barge onto an island to spray foam a camp on Lake Temagami. “We as partners are very focused on customer satisfaction, it is very important to us. With the contacts we have made and continue to make we know that this year will be another exciting year of growth for us”.  

To learn more about T&T Spray Foam please call or visit:

Elizabeth Agoston, Ontario Door Systems
Ontario Door Systems (ODS) is a company located on Hwy 17 in Warren, ON that provides commercial and residential door installations and repair services in Sudbury, North Bay, Parry Sound, Timmins and surrounding areas. 
ODS installs and repairs various commercial, residential and institutional doors in Northern Ontario. "We provide products and services of a premium quality and have a combined experience of 60 years with highly skilled door technicians to serve your needs". Their primary market is commercial clientele such as vehicle repair shops, transportation corporations, mall shops, construction and industrial settings focusing on electronic sliding, garage and security doors. Their secondary market is focused on non-profit and public sector markets such as MTO contracts, municipal buildings, community clubs and arenas that require handicap and overhead door servicing and maintenance both a la carte and for contract maintenance. Their third market is focused on residential customers and their overhead door needs; particularly customer garage door models to give their home curb appeal. 
"To help achieve our goals, we needed working capital for the business and upgrades such as a new office; Economic Partners was able to help us by providing financial assistance. This really helped us put things in motion to achieve our goals and business objectives". ODS repairs and installs various types of door openings including: overhead doors, sliding and swinging handicap entrance systems, fire shutters, rolling doors, dock seals, bumpers, dock levelers, hollow metal doors, commercial and residential operators; they will also take out walls and reconstruct and cap frames. "We have just recently got into a new line of bug screens for any opening, from porches, gazebos, and garage door openings".
Ontario Door Systems is easily and readily available to service their clients, provide quality products and workmanship - "making sure it is done right the first time" and take great pride in their business ventures and commitments. We can expect to see continuous growth in the coming years. "Due to demand and increasing clientele, we are also looking to hire more employees by next year. We take pride in achieving 100% customer satisfaction and we believe this will help us achieve that".
"Your Vision, Our Reputation"
To learn more about Ontario Door Systems please call, e-mail or visit:
(705) 967-3667 or (705) 978-3182 - cell 

Thomas Leslie, Northern Rigging and Tower Maintenance Ltd.
Northern Rigging and Tower Maintenance Ltd. is a tower maintenance and installation contractor located in Warren, ON that covers Central and Northeastern Ontario. 
Northern Rigging and Tower Maintenance Ltd. provides both commercial and residential tower services which includes re-lamping - a service that tests tower lighting systems; tower maintenance, new installations and repairs, inspections regarding guyed wires, safety rails and lifeline systems; and the dismantling and removal of towers. They also provide turnkey services for wireless communications equipment and wiring. Their primary market is the telecommunications industry in which they provide maintenance and installation services for new and existing towers. 
                                                                                                    (Dismantling and removal of tower)
"With the help of Economic Partners we were able to purchase new equipment and enhance services for our clients. We purchased a 7-ton float trailer that allows us to transport equipment and materials to and from the job site, and help manage costs by keeping the majority of equipment and materials in-house rather than outsourcing larger freight companies. We were also able to purchase rigging equipment, pulleys, tools and other items to better equip the crew onsite". They have also shifted from mostly maintenance work into new site construction and have received a high request for cabling work over the past year. 
                                                                 (New float trailer)                                                                        (Cabling job)
"We take great pride in our dedication towards customer satisfaction and safe working practices. The fact that we are local benefits both the consumers and commercial tower owners because in the event of a system outage, we can immediately go on site and repair the problem and no one has to incur days of down time and lost revenue". 
                                                                                                                         (Antenna swap)
 As of now Northern Rigging and Tower Maintenance Ltd. are one out of only two companies that provide service for communication towers in Northern Ontario. "Our mission is to be recognized as a leader in tower maintenance and construction in Northern Ontario and we strive to continue to grow and fulfill our mandate by providing cost effective and reliable services." 

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