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Loan Application


Criteria Information:

  • Loans must provide creation or maintenance of Jobs – i.e. Without the Loan… the job(s) will (would) be lost or not created.

  • Seasonal Business will apply if:
    • It is a permanent seasonal Business;
    • It is the prime source of income of the applicant. 

  • Application for Finance needs credit check authorization.

  • EPSEWN Inc. will not provide total consolidation loans or take over any existing debt.

  • EPSEWN Inc. is a partner in the Business Centres in West Nipissing and in Sudbury East where fully stocked resource centres are available to clients (existing and potential) to aid them in planning and other business activities.

  • Please submit your loan application along with your business plan to our General Manager.


Application Package for Financial Assistance
File: Application Package - 2019.doc

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