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Board of Directors

Claude Bouffard - Sudbury East Chamber of Commerce
Dan Richard - West Nipissing Wards 5 & 6
Vice - Chair 
Renée Beauparlant - West Nipissing Wards 3 & 4
Poulin, Royal West Nipissing 
Lafleur, Jackie Sudbury East/St.Charles/Markstay/Warren(South Part)

Simard, Angèle West Nipissing Wards 1 & 2 
Harney, Michael Nipissing First Nation 
Putman, Jim Sudbury East/Markstay/Warren (North Part) 
Restoule, Pamela Dokis First Nation 
Robitaille,Monique West Nipissing Wards 7 & 8 
Sharp, Denny Sudbury East Municipal Association 
Keough, Patrick West Nipissing Chamber of Commerce 
Lavigne, Marc 
Sudbury East/French River (South Part) 
Neil V. Fox
General Manager 
Claire Beland
Financial Administrator 
Sylvie Quenneville
Executive Assistant 
Bianca Poulin 
 Administrative Assistant 

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